An Alternative Medicine Depression Treatment or Two That May Really Work

An Alternative Medicine Depression Treatment or Two That May Really Work

Regular medicine does have a range of treatments for depression. Not everyone believes in them though. There are people who choose to disagree with the kind of approach that treating with chemicals takes. For these people, there is a full spectrum of alternative medicine depression treatments available – right from herbs like St. John’s Wort to methods that are right out there like art therapy. Why do people try to use these when there are so many easily available standard antidepressants available? Often, it’s just because people find that antidepressants, no matter how many they try, just don’t work for them. These alternative methods may not work for most people either – but they really are well worth a try.

Let’s start with one of the most dependable alternative medicine depression treatments available – the herb St. John’s Wort. If you were in Europe, you would need a doctor’s prescription to come by any of this stuff (but they do freely sell weed). In America, it’s just seen to be a harmless herb and you can get it at any drugstore or general department store. It isn’t expensive either – no more than perhaps $12 a package. St. John’s Wort isn’t that outside of the mainstream either. In Europe, it really is nearly mainstream, so widely is it used. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t come with any of the side effects that regular antidepressants come with – it doesn’t make you sleepy for instance. Of course, it doesn’t work for everyone (just the same as with any expensive approved antidepressant). You could try this for a while to see how it goes. Just make sure that you don’t use this alongside of regular mainstream net send if your doctor prescribes.

Did you ever consider the possibility that light could be your ally in your fight against depression? They call it light therapy, and they use it to treat seasonal affective disorder. That’s the kind of depression you get when it’s constantly raining or when it’s constantly in snowing outside in the depths of winter. Light therapy involves treating you with the full spectrum of light colors so that you may finally cheer up. And for some people, it actually works.

If that seems a little far out, how about art therapy? No, this isn’t where they show you art to convince you that life is beautiful. They give you a blank canvas and sign you up for art school. Expressing yourself is supposed to be a great way to feel better about yourself and about life. It actually works out pretty well with some people who are inclined that way. If you don’t see yourself with a paintbrush, this last alternative medicine depression treatment may be for you – yoga. The theory goes that the structure offered by exercise gives you mind a reason to hope for better things. And when you actually to get down to exercising, your body releases endorphins that brighten you up. It will certainly work with people who aren’t terribly depressed and can at least get out of bed.

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