Acne and Nutrition – The Things They Do Not Teach in Medicine Schools

Acne and Nutrition – The Things They Do Not Teach in Medicine Schools

Of the many things they do not teach in Medical schools, Nutrition is by far the most important one. In every medicine other then modern western medicine, A healthy nutrition based on vegetables is a basic. Treating acne is so much easier while avoiding the foods that encourage it from the inside out. It is as simple as that. You do not put acne material in your system, and acne does not come out.

The knowledge of how to deal with acne is as ancient as acne itself. Here are the basics you need to know in order to deal with your acne. We will begin with what to avoid

Avoid, or drastically lower the consumption of dairy products. Dairy is one of the acne basics, and when I say “Dairy” I do not mean milk and cheese alone. Notice the ingredients on the food you eat, as dairy could be found in snack, cakes, pasta sauce, and other products. The sooner you clean your system from dairy the better. If you are counting on dairy for your calcium, then you are barking at the wrong tree (I will address Calcium in another article). If you are strongly attached to dairy products, I recommend to cut them for a while to see the results, and decide for yourselves. From my experience, after the results appear, and the acne slowly disappears, most people decide to keep off the dairy, but some just lower their consumption levels.

Avoid sugar. I know it is hard to do, as sugar is everywhere nowadays. Sugar is an extreme acne source, and the over-consumption of sugar, especially white sugar, stands at the base of many of the modern-man diseases. Try the best you can, and remember that sugar hides in almost all industrial products that are sold as “food” nowadays. The mixture of sugar and dairy is a very popular one, and hot chocolate milk is an acne bomb.

Avoid saturated fat. The fatty acids are highly toxic, and acne is considered only a minor effect from the total range of problems attached to their consumption. If you use oil, use extra virgin olive oil. Keep in mind that almost all snacks and industrial “food” has saturated fat in it, and therefore should be avoided.

Avoid wheat products. Wheat is translated into empty carbohydrates and it is just like eating sugar, or actually a bit worse. Wheat products usually contain all dairy, sugar and saturated fat. It is an acne “bomb”, and one of the hardest habits to kick. Baked wheat is highly addictive and is considered, along with white sugar, a disease encouraging factor.

Avoid fried, and especially deep-fried food. Potato chips, for example, are also a very bad pick for someone trying to avoid acne.

It is best to try and base your diet on vegetables. Nutrition plays a key role in clearing and avoiding acne, and a balanced diet is an absolute must. In this article I have chosen to introduce what needs to be avoided, as I know from experience that avoiding these things leaves almost no choice but eating the right ones. This alone can lead to a major improvement, and in some cases to complete healing.

In my next article I will address the active part of healing acne. What we should eat especially for healing and avoiding acne.