3 Ways to Avoid Germs

Most people do not want to get sick. While it may not be possible to avoid ever getting ill, there are things that can be done to minimize the risk of catching something.

1. Wash Hands

People use their hands to interact with the world all day long. Keeping them clean is important. Good hygiene is not just about preventing odors or looking unkempt. Washing hands regularly, especially before eating, is a fantastic way to stay healthy. Keep hands clean and avoid contact with public devices whenever possible by trying not to directly touch doorknobs, pens or countertops. If contact is made, try to wash hands afterward. If that is not possible, then use hand sanitizer instead.

2. Wear Masks

Wearing a mask can keep people healthy during public interactions. There are different types of masks that are appropriate for different situations. People out in the general public can wear masks that they have purchased or made themselves. There are many patterns available for cloth masks that can be made with or without sewing. These are a good option for people who may have trouble finding a properly fitting mask available for purchase. Cloth masks are also reusable as long as they are properly sanitized between uses. Paper masks can be purchased and used out in public, but they generally do not provide an effective seal against the face.

3.Social Distance

One method that can be effective is practicing social distancing. Maintain a distance of at least six feet from people outside of the household. Try not to spend too much time inside buildings in proximity to other people, as air conditioning and heating systems tend to recycle the inside air.

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Each of the above methods can keep people safer. When they are combined and used properly the chances of becoming sick are reduced drastically.