3 Tips to Manage Your Oral Care

Being attentive to your oral health doesn’t have to be a burden. What you do to take care of your mouth can help your smile and your breath. Moreover, a good oral care regimen can spare you from avoidable dental procedures. Here are three ways that you can improve how you manage your oral health.

1. Use a Tongue Scraper

A surprising number of people brush only their teeth when brushing and exclude their tongue entirely. However, a lot of the germs that are responsible for bad breath can be found in the buildup on your tongue, particularly on the back of your tongue. While a few swipes with your toothbrush can help to remove a lot of the gross stuff hanging out on your tongue, the best tool for cleaning it is a tongue scraper.

2. Address Problems as Soon as They Develop

Some people are understandably reluctant to go to the dentist, but it’s important to make an appointment at the first indication of a problem. When you have something in your mouth suddenly starts to feel uncomfortable or you feel that you’ve broken dental work, your dentist can help you avoid having a small problem turn into a big one. If you need a dentist Collierville TN, reach out to a provider who has extensive experience helping patients with both preventative and restorative care.

3. Wear a Night Guard

Protect your teeth from wear by making a night guard part of your bedtime routine. If you’re picturing having to wear something as bulky as a mouth guard like athletes have, rest assured that a night guard is far more manageable. This small piece of protective gear can keep you from wearing down your teeth or even shifting their alignment while you sleep. Make sure that you take this critical step to prevent potentially serious damage to your smile.

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