3 Reasons for Choosing Wooden Accessories Instead Of Metal Ones

3 Reasons for Choosing Wooden Accessories Instead Of Metal Ones

Have you considered looking at the benefits of wooden accessories as opposed to metal ones? There are a number of reasons why using wood can be more beneficial in a home as opposed to cold metal. However, knowing the reasons and being fully informed that can make the difference of living in a warm and appealing home or just going for the first option available to you, which could make your place end up feeling cold and stark. The choice of wooden furnishings goes all the way through the house from the kitchen right through to the restroom when considering a bathroom wall cabinet or even a wooden medicine cabinet no mirror option. Let us take a look at the 3 considerations of choosing wood over metal in your home.

Although wood and metal both have the ability to change in shape, wood can expand in different temperatures (or shrink) and metal can bulge or warp, there are options for wood that can remove the shrinkage and expansion factor such as getting veneers instead of solid wood. Due to the amount of veneers coming out of the 60’s and 70’s, people have a false idea of what veneer is. Most people have an idea of fake plastic looking wood and although this is true, veneer is so much more than this. Some of the best, most beautiful and expensive furniture in the world is actually veneer. The reason for this is it makes the wood more malleable for carpenters but mostly that it stops the wood from moving.

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Another reason for considering wood is that the color can be changed at a later date, should you become tired of the color originally chosen. With metal, the choice to alter the color years later is not an option. Wood can be stained or painted to create a lighter or darker or perhaps even a brighter effect.

Lastly, wood offers timelessness. It can create a feeling of warmth as opposed to metal, which can be quite cold and uninviting. Wood takes you back to a past century feeling with various designs within the wood, or you can even create a more contemporary look but retain a large sense of warmth and invitation in the home. Metal unfortunately will never leave a feeling of warmth due to the sheer nature of the material. It is cold in nature in every way, to touch and to look at.

Although metal can offer its own unique advantages, if you desire a place to come home to that is warm, cozy and inviting than wooden fixtures and furniture are a great way to make this happen. Also, if you plan on keeping your furniture for quite a long time, wood can offer you the advantage of changing color which can help update and freshen up your home without the need to replace anything. This can present a more environmental effect as well as money-saving. Before you simply take up the first option presented to you when choosing home fixtures, consider what you are wanting in the long and short-term.