3 Iconic Features of a Glock Firearm

Most gun owners have strong opinions about their preferred type of firearm, and Glock tends to be one of the most popular brands across the board. But what is it about these firearms that set them apart? Here are three iconic features of any Glock handgun.

Unmistakable Body

Crafted by engineer Gaston Glock in 1980, Glock handguns have a sleek, square body style that is instantly recognizable. Once proclaimed to be “the pistol of the future”, every model of Glock has used the same iconic square style for comfort and aesthetic appeal. From the original Glock 17 to Gen5 Glock Pistols everywhere, there is simply no mistaking this type of firearm.

Complete Customization

Glocks are renowned for the limitless customization options at the disposal of the shooter. Countless modifications can be purchased to alter nearly any feature about a Glock pistol — from reducing slack in the trigger to dampening recoil and improving accuracy, there isn’t much you can’t change about a Glock. Best of all, Glock modifications can be swapped out as soon as you’re ready to switch things up.

Unmatched Durability

One of the biggest selling points for any Glock firearm is the level of reliability you can expect. Glocks are considered to be one of the most durable handguns on the market, lasting upwards of at least 150,000 rounds. In some cases, certain models have even been known to last higher, ranging somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000 rounds without failing. Glock owners everywhere have praised the brand time and time again for the same reason: your Glock will fire every time you pull the trigger, no matter what.

While there are countless models and makers of handguns on the market, Glocks have gained a massive following across the globe. You may want to keep these features in mind if you consider purchasing your own Glock handgun!