3 Fun Games To Play in a Church Youth Group

Tweens and teens love to play games, especially those that put them in a friendly competition with each other. If you’re looking for some fresh game ideas for your group, here are three fun ones to try.

1. Bible Trivia Quiz

This will take a bit of prep work on your part, but it’s worth the extra effort. A Bible Trivia Quiz game tests their scripture knowledge and lets them have fun competing on a team for a prize! Use the internet to look up bible trivia questions and answers on topics of interest to your youth group. On the day of the meeting, split them into groups to play the game. Give the victorious team crowns to wear for the rest of the meeting or a trophy to celebrate their win.

2. M&M Roulette

This is a great game to use at the beginning of the season with a new youth group to help everyone get to know each other. Write six questions on the board, one for each of the six colors in a bag of M&Ms. Sit your group in a circle and have each student pick an M&M from a bowl that is passed around. Each person takes a turn to answer the question on the board that matches the color of their candy. If your group is smaller, do a couple of rounds of the game for even more fun.

3. Zombie

Take apart a flashlight and hide the different pieces in the room. Assign one of the youth to play a zombie who shuffles around and freezes players by tagging them on the shoulder. Those who aren’t frozen look for all the flashlight parts, assemble it and shine the light on the zombie to win the game.

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Playing one of these activities is a great way for your youth group to have some fun and get to know each other better.