oft drinks are very commonly consumed by the people of Indonesia. Getting it is very easy and almost every store and supermarket provides a variety of soft drinks, offered in cold conditions so that offers a freshness that can not be rejected by most people. And behind the pleasure and freshness it offers, it turns out the product of soda drinks bring adverse effects to health.

Effects of soda for the health of the human body can only be detected if consumed in the long term with a lot of intensity that is not small. So, eating these types of drinks occasionally is not a dangerous thing, of course with a normal portion and not excessive. If you are curious to know about the effects of soft drinks for the health of the human body, you can read our review below:

We certainly already understand the dangers of consuming sugar in large quantities that can trigger diabetes, obesity, and various other health problems. In fact, glucose content is everywhere, even including foods that do not taste as sweet as rice. And the pile of glucose that is imported from these foods will still be worsened by us consume soft drinks. 1 bottle of average soda contains 10 tablespoons of sugar. So it is not surprising that in the countries of fans of soft drinks the level of diabetes and obesity is very high.

Soft Drinks Generally Contains Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is very corrosive to bone, so the consumption of these substances can continuously damage bone tissue which will eventually trigger various problems such as bone fragility, imperfect bone growth, and much more.

Soft Drinks Contain Various Chemical Substances

We never know what is contained in a bottle of soda, but from some kind of known substance, it is open to the fact that these chemicals can damage the liver. Even in some cases it also causes the gradual loss of memory. It is not impossible that later there will be new cases emerging in connection with excessive consumption of soft drinks.

Soft Drinks Contain Dangerous Dyes

When compared with other beverages, carbonated drinks have their own uniqueness that has an interesting color. In addition it was very refreshing especially if added with some ice cubes. But did you know that dyes in soft drinks have a bad effect on kidney health? Therefore, start to avoid soft drinks so that kidney health is maintained.

Causes Dehydration

Many people believe that drinking soft drinks can make a person more fresh and can quench your thirst. In fact soft drinks fact can cause someone who drank it dehydrated. This is because the mineral that should be absorbed by the body instead processed into urine and inevitably the urine must be removed from the body. So someone who drinks soda will feel more thirsty.

Defects and Deaths In the Fetus

The effects of soda for health also have a bad effect on pregnant women, because it can make the baby was born disabled and even death. During pregnancy, pregnant women eat good foods during pregnancy and avoid soda, instant foods and processed foods. Not only pregnant women, nursing mothers should also avoid soft drinks.

Soft Drinks Rich To Fructose Content

Side effects next is able to trigger gout disease. This is because soft drinks contain very high fructose, this is what can trigger gout disease. As we all know someone who is suffering from gout is bad because he will feel the pain in the joints that can interfere with your activities.

Soft Drink Containing High Acid

Acid content in soft drinks is also very dangerous for the health of the body. Excess acid can make the skin easy to wrinkle and can cause premature aging. Therefore if you want to look younger should avoid soft drinks. Because according to experts this beverage contains hazardous ingredients if consumed in excess.