Ordinary Happy Pairs Do This 8 Things Before Sleep

Every couple has their own habits before taking off the night and falling asleep. Some like to tell stories about events that have been experienced in a full day or telling stories about children. In addition there is also a conversation about the courtship first. All that is done for communication to run smoothly and the relationship is getting better.

It is important for couples to take time before bed. In addition to adding intimacy, happy couples usually do some things to keep their bonds strong.

Relations experts also review some things that can be done before bed couples as follows:

1. Mutually say “I Love You”

Psychologist Ryan Howes, says this statement will make each other feel loved.

2. Sleep at the same time

The difference in sleep time seems trivial. But according to the relationship therapist, Kurt Smith, the happy couple usually has the same sleep time.

3. Store your phone and other devices

“In my therapy practice, couples need to create rules like no phone after 21:00 pm or no cell phone in bed, so couples can feel more intimate,” says relationship therapist Kari Caroll.

4. Prioritize sound sleep

While this is just a casual suggestion, therapist and Divorce Busting writer, Michele Weiner-Davis says, deep sleep can improve your partner’s mental health. In the end, this can reduce the emotional side of each individual.

5. Be grateful

“Being grateful has been proven to have a tremendous positive effect to improve mood,” Howes said.

6. Not solve the immediate problem

“It may not make sense, but the happy couple just did not finish the argument before going to bed, they can finish it with a cool head when they start to calm down,” Smith said.

7. Set aside time to open up

“The happiest couples regularly discuss anything in their lives and let their spouses vent,” Carrol said.

8. Keep children away from the bedroom

“If intimacy is your goal, let the kids stay in their room, because you and your partner also need privacy and restrictions before going to sleep,” says Weiner-Davis.