Instant noodles hazard for health

Instant noodles, maybe everyone already knows with one of these fast food types, and I think you all know that instant noodles are an alternative food that can filling, easy to cook, quickly cooked, easy to get it, it taste quite good and the most important is Cheap price. What foods do you usually look for when it rains? Instant noodle, is not it? Especially when served with boiled plus a few slices of cayenne pepper. Instant noodle may indeed have become the favorite food most of the people of Indonesia, especially boarding children at the end of the month. But do you know the dangers of instant noodles if you consume them too often

Instant noodle is one of the foods that have been processed. Processed foods are not just finished foods and then reheated. Processed foods are foods that have been transformed from their original shape into new forms again for health, pleasure or other reasons. Processes that may occur in food processing include cooling, cooking, heating and drying. The danger of instant noodles if eaten too often is related to the many chemical processes and the addition of other ingredients that are not good for health.

Dangers of instant noodles for health

Processed foods are generally done only by adding salt, sugar, and fat alone to provide a more delicious flavor, as well as to be durable and can be stored for longer. Sometimes, the addition of some of these contents is also able to affect the appearance of processed foods, can even increase the desire of people to eat it. But with the addition of this sugar, of course the fat contained in processed foods are increasingly increasing, and the nutritional content in it was certainly not much. Thus, the dangers of instant noodles in our body if eaten too often include the following:

  1. Metabolic syndrome

The study, conducted by Hyun Shin, revealed that women who consumed instant noodles twice or more a week were at higher risk of exposure to metabolic syndrome than those who did not eat instant noodles at all. The study was conducted on 11,000 adults aged 19 to 64 years. Participants were asked to report what they ate, then the list of foods would be classified by the researchers. This metabolic syndrome occurs due to the high content of sodium and unsaturated saturated fats, contained in instant noodles.

  1. Diabetes

Instant noodle made from maida. Maida is processed wheat flour which has undergone the process of milling, smoothing, and bleaching. Maida contained in instant noodles is just an additional ingredient that does not have any nutritional content other than rich in taste. So the consumption of maida would only trigger obesity. In addition, maida also has a high sugar content so that consumption of maida can increase your blood sugar. When taking maida, the pancreas will release insulin immediately to digest it, which should take time. This condition can trigger swelling to potentially diabetes.