Wrong Ways Often Done When Helping People Stroke

There is behavior in the community that punctures the needle or squirts a little skin on the person affected by a stroke until it exits its blood. It is said that the goal to smooth the flow of blood clogged due to stroke.

The pierced part of the needle so that the blood out is done at all the fingertips or in the ear. Then there is also the act of tugging at the ear if you see a stroke patient who mouth mencong mouth.

Unfortunately, the action was not there any evidence even tends to hurt the patient. There is no empirical evidence of needle piercing or tugging the ear as first aid for stroke.

“There are so many things in the community that are misguided about the various ways in which an emergency is done, such as a needle piercing, which is not empirically proven to cure the initial phase of a stroke,” said Dr Manfaluthy Hakim, SpS (K) from the department Neurology FKUI.

Dr Luthy said the most appropriate way in handling a stroke is immediately take to the hospital, this is because the success of a stroke is strongly influenced by time. Dr Luthy used to call the golden period for a stroke is 3 hours after the initial attack.

“If rescued within this golden period then it is likely to recover more than the late person helped,”

If you experience or see symptoms like this suddenly experience paralysis on one side of the body, tingling next to the body or unconscious should be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Do not delay anymore or try to help treat yourself, because how quickly the patient was getting the right help then the damage in the brain due to stroke can be minimized.

People sometimes know the term mild stroke if symptoms are not too severe or only a few signs and symptoms that appear. But people should not underestimate this condition.

“There is no mild, moderate or severe stroke, all the same with strokes and handling the same, because if the stroke is light and there is no handling it can be a tough condition,” he said.

For example, the blockage in the brain just a little but if not immediately immediately taken to the hospital then it can be severe, other conditions such as broken blood vessels are widespread can make patients unhelpful.…

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