Tips to clean the ears

How to clean your ears properly? Do you know when cleaning with cotton bud at risk of making earwax more pushed into the ear canal? The ears are members of the body whose treatments are often forgotten, whereas at least the outer ears are relatively easy to clean. If the wrong method, cleaning the inner ear will actually result in more dirt pushed into the ear.

Inner earwax is generally a soft lump. This clot is a natural production of oil glands in the ear that actually serves to protect the ears. This clot plays a role trap dust and keep the water does not go into the ear. Ear wax actually will not cause interference if it is at the right level. If too much, ear wax can clog the ear causing pain to hearing loss. How to clean excess ear wax:

Avoid Using Cotton Bud

Incorporating cotton buds, cotton-coated lids, paper clips, or hairpins as a way of cleaning the inner ear actually risk damaging the drains or eardrums. In addition, instead of being excluded, earwax may be at risk of getting settled in the ear canal.
What are some ways that can be done? You might try the following:

Use over-the-counter ear drops at pharmacies or drugstores.

 This drug can soften the clot so easily removed. Can also use baby oil (baby oil), glycerine, or hydrogen peroxide.
Two to three days later, tilt your head and drip warm water into the problematic ear canal, then tilt your head to the other side to remove earwax. Drain water from the ear canal, wipe with a soft towel.

Some people try to take other ways, such as using ear candles or ear wax to remove earwax. This method is not recommended because it is not proven effective and is at risk of causing injury, such as burning and blockage of the ear canal.

The most important thing is the accumulation of earwax can be handled properly. If not, then the risk of complications, such as ear pain, vertigo, infection of the outer ear canal, middle ear infection, and the formation of holes in the eardrum. In addition, see your doctor immediately, especially if you have ear pain, hearing loss, dizziness, severe itching of the ears, or an unpleasant smell from the ear.…