Alert, Congenital Hypothyroidism May Affect Baby IQ

Congenital hypothyroidism is a disorder caused by a lack of thyroid hormones from birth. Generally, in addition to children experiencing growth and development disorders both physically and mentally, this condition also affects IQ.

“So it affects, so its mielinisasinya disrupted, so the neural wrappers are disturbed, so everything is slow, including the brain,” said the chairman of the board of the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), dr Aman Bhakti Pulungan, Sp (A) K FAAP.

Dr. Aman added, early detection of the thyroid hormone in children is very important. Therefore, thyroid disorders can have an impact on child growth later. Therefore, parents are expected to be more vigilant against thyroid disorders ranging from recognizing the symptoms and detect early so that thyroid disorders can be overcome more quickly.

Meanwhile, Dr. Imam disclosed the cause of the emergence of congenital hypothyroidism can be due to the absence of thyroid gland, thyroid gland that grows outside, or grow too small. Although, Dr. Imam confirmed the exact cause of the disorder is not known until now.

“Overall, the heart is also slow, so if it’s like moving like a robot, we’re talking like this, its nerves are disturbed, its hearing nerve, it takes time to hear, so it’s totally annoyed, and it’s permanent.”

Furthermore Safe describes 1.7 percent of the 5 million babies born each year screening. This means only 85 thousand newborns who know whether the baby was born healthy or diagnosed congenital hypothyroidism.

“So you can imagine if only 1.7 percent, we will lost generation, the IQ above 80 is only 2 people.Now, the data from outside, even 0 IQ is above 85, if he after 7 months. Which is undiagnosed, “said Dr. Safe.

According to Dr. Safe, at least the first 2 weeks after birth, babies are advised to screen. Because the word doctors with this glasses, screening and therapy itself is fairly simple and affordable.

“The therapy is very simple, the medicine is very cheap, the screening is also very cheap, the screening is not up to 50 thousand if it really run nationally, the therapy is just a simple, simple drug, drinking a small tablet for life,” added Dr. Safe.…

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