The bad effects of staying up

Most people consider staying up is a trivial thing. The habit of staying up late will be fast and slow to affect the health of our bodies all. Most people have a habit of staying up late, not just a habit but most people are obligations. While the body works continuously when not rested, Then the body needs time to rest so that the burden must be done by the body becomes lighter.

Sleep is one thing that should be recommended so that the body can repair the various damaged cells and can rest temporarily. If the body lack of rest because it often stay up so it will impact less good for health and even dangerous. Some of the health effects of overeating can trigger various illnesses and other health:


One of the health effects of sleep that is less than six hours is a disruption of body metabolism. Can result in a body that will be faster in storing fat that makes people become fat fast.

Heart disease

Not only ordinary health, late night sleeping habits also make a person become more susceptible to heart disease.

Diabetes Disease

Hormones in the body will be disturbed balance due to sleep late at night. If this becomes a habit then in the fear of someone who sleep late at night will be more susceptible to diabetes.


Headaches are usually suffered by people who wake up too late because the night just sleep for a while. This is the impact of sleep deprivation due to stay up. Gradually the brain cells will experience some problems due to the body does not rest enough.

Today’s busy livelihood, often a lot of time spent on work or other activities may be unimportant for example, a person can sleep late from a gadget, a story with a friend, watch television until the time is finally lost late at night. Ada willing to stay up to day after day in pursuit of work time even though there are many effects of staying up bad for the health of the body.

Bad effects stay up even still can happen even if you already ‘pay’ with waking up more the next day. People who stay up staying will develop various diseases as described above. Sleep loss can cause damage to your body in a short time. If this happens continuously, it can lead to health problems and adversely affect the quality of your life.

When you sleep, your body is busy preparing physically and mentally to be ready for use the next day. In children and adolescents, growth-promoting hormones are also released during sleep. These hormones help build muscle mass and repair cells and tissues. The reason why sleep is very enough is very important for the health of the body. Because of lack of sleep, the brain is not able to function properly, thus affecting the cognitive abilities and emotional state.…