Benefits of Breastfeeding for Baby Growth

Breast milk contains antibodies that are not present in any formula. These antibodies work against bacteria and viruses so the baby does not get sick easily. A healthy baby will grow better than a sick baby. Some symptoms of infection such as high fever can lead to brain damage that would certainly hinder the development of the baby as a whole. Therefore, indirectly breast milk has an important role in preventing brain damage and growth restriction. In addition, breast milk also contains vitamin D that can counteract free radicals.

Educate. Breast-fed babies will be smarter than formula-fed infants. Breast milk contains unsaturated fats that form the myelin sheath of nerve cells. This myelin sheath serves to prevent leakage of stimulation. In addition, fat in breast milk is also needed to perfect the structure of nerve cells that are growing rapidly. However, do not forget also to always provide the right stimulation for your child if you want to grow smart.

Accelerate motor development. Breast-fed baby weight will increase according to growth chart in KMS, not excessive and no less. This is due to the amount of carbohydrates and unsaturated fats in breast milk in accordance with the needs of the baby. Enhancement of sufficient weight will make it more actively moving so it will quickly develop as easily prone, sitting, walking and running. Infants who are too fat more difficult to move so that motor development is inhibited.

Prevent dental caries. Breast milk contains high selenium, so it can prevent dental caries. The acid in formula milk can damage teeth. Smooth digestion. The type of glucose in breast milk is lactose that is easily broken down into galactose and glucose. While the fat in breast milk is also easily emulsified more perfectly. Based on the study, child and infants who were breastfed became more fluent.

Prevent disease. Breast milk that comes out early in lactation is called colostrum containing active cells like white blood cells. Early in life, babies are still vulnerable to disease attacks so breast milk is very appropriate to prevent disease. Mature breast milk also contains protective substances such as lactoferrin, lysozyme, complement C3 and C4, antistreptococcus, cellular immunity, and antibody, and contains probiotics Lactobacillus bifidus ,.

Supports bone and teeth growth. Lactose in breast milk is beneficial to increase calcium absorption. Calcium is very necessary to form the bones and teeth of children. In addition, breast milk also contains vitamin D which also supports bone growth.

Healthy eyes. Proteins in breast milk are casein and whey. Both forms of this protein are easily digested, and serve to form the retina and bilirubin conjugation. Prevents allergies because they do not contain beta lactoglobin. Supports psychological development. Mothers who breastfeed will more often embrace the baby so as to provide a comfortable and calm atmosphere. This atmosphere will spur the physical and psychological development of the baby so it is more easily trained and concentrated on your upbringing.

Based on the description above, it can be concluded that breastfeeding is the best choice. A mother should not be reluctant to breastfeed with the reason work, busy, or baby lazy feed. The problem can be solved by storing milk in the refrigerator or feeding during recess. Preparation of lactation should be done since pregnancy so that the mother can immediately adapt when the baby is born.


Benefits of Drinking Warm Water In The Day

The habit of drinking water in the morning when waking up is not too popular. Habits that run in Indonesia for example, many people who want to drink water after brushing teeth or bathing. In fact there are some habits that are found that directly eat in the morning and then drinking hot tea or coffee. However, nowadays it is growing to find that drinking water in the morning and especially after waking up provides a huge health benefit. Lifestyle and habits are mostly done by the Japanese people both for young and old age. People in Japan believe that the concept of drinking water after waking up can cure various types of diseases.

Some types of diseases that are believed to be cured or will be better with drinking water in the morning are like: dizziness, fatigue, body aches, heart disorders, brittle bones, heart rhythm problem, obesity, asthma, digestive disorders (nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea, constipation), gastric disorders, eye disorders, cancer, uterine disorders, pain during menstruation or menstruation is not smooth, ear disorders, nasal diseases and also throat diseases.

How To Drink Morning Water As Therapy

Although drinking water in the morning can be done just like that, but if you want to do therapy then can follow the steps below. Drink mineral water or water as much as 160 cc for four times. You can do it by the distance of time so that the stomach does not feel nauseated. Do it before you brush your teeth. After drinking the water then you can clean the mouth by eating or drinking, but do not brush your teeth. Perform this stage with a distance of up to 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of walking you can consume food and drinks as usual.

15 minutes after breakfast, lunch or dinner then it is advisable not to consume food and drink for 2 hours.
This therapy can also be used for sick parents. But to make the stomach more comfortable it can drink slowly until completely up to four glasses. This therapy can be done by anyone, including people who are facing illness or a healthy person and have no complaints.

Therapy Time Required

To get maximum results then this therapy is not enough just done for one time only. You have to keep repeating it again. The following is a guide to the timing of therapy required according to the disease.

  • 30 days for hypertension
  • 10 days for diseases and disorders of stomach or stomach acid.
  • 30 days for diabetics
  • 10 days for complaints of constipation or difficulty defecating.
  • 180 days for cancer.
  • 90 days for tuberculosis.
  • 3 days per week for people with brittle bone disease.
  • Facts About Water Therapy

From some people who have undergone this therapy found the fact that therapy is very safe and does not have a level of risk to health, but this therapy will make the frequency of urination becomes more frequent. Drinking water regularly according to the needs of the body is very good, so it is advisable to use this therapy as part of a healthy lifestyle. Consumption of cold water is still a habit, but this habit is not very good for health, for it can move from the bad habits with drinking water consumption as therapy.

Cold water taken after a meal is very bad for the body because it can inhibit the rate of metabolism and especially can make fat from the food oil stay in the body in a longer time. Drinking warm water can also be a cancer preventer because it can dissolve the fat in the body and prevent the process of meeting between dirt or fat in the body with acid that will accumulate in the colon.…

Instant noodles hazard for health

Instant noodles, maybe everyone already knows with one of these fast food types, and I think you all know that instant noodles are an alternative food that can filling, easy to cook, quickly cooked, easy to get it, it taste quite good and the most important is Cheap price. What foods do you usually look for when it rains? Instant noodle, is not it? Especially when served with boiled plus a few slices of cayenne pepper. Instant noodle may indeed have become the favorite food most of the people of Indonesia, especially boarding children at the end of the month. But do you know the dangers of instant noodles if you consume them too often

Instant noodle is one of the foods that have been processed. Processed foods are not just finished foods and then reheated. Processed foods are foods that have been transformed from their original shape into new forms again for health, pleasure or other reasons. Processes that may occur in food processing include cooling, cooking, heating and drying. The danger of instant noodles if eaten too often is related to the many chemical processes and the addition of other ingredients that are not good for health.

Dangers of instant noodles for health

Processed foods are generally done only by adding salt, sugar, and fat alone to provide a more delicious flavor, as well as to be durable and can be stored for longer. Sometimes, the addition of some of these contents is also able to affect the appearance of processed foods, can even increase the desire of people to eat it. But with the addition of this sugar, of course the fat contained in processed foods are increasingly increasing, and the nutritional content in it was certainly not much. Thus, the dangers of instant noodles in our body if eaten too often include the following:

  1. Metabolic syndrome

The study, conducted by Hyun Shin, revealed that women who consumed instant noodles twice or more a week were at higher risk of exposure to metabolic syndrome than those who did not eat instant noodles at all. The study was conducted on 11,000 adults aged 19 to 64 years. Participants were asked to report what they ate, then the list of foods would be classified by the researchers. This metabolic syndrome occurs due to the high content of sodium and unsaturated saturated fats, contained in instant noodles.

  1. Diabetes

Instant noodle made from maida. Maida is processed wheat flour which has undergone the process of milling, smoothing, and bleaching. Maida contained in instant noodles is just an additional ingredient that does not have any nutritional content other than rich in taste. So the consumption of maida would only trigger obesity. In addition, maida also has a high sugar content so that consumption of maida can increase your blood sugar. When taking maida, the pancreas will release insulin immediately to digest it, which should take time. This condition can trigger swelling to potentially diabetes.