Tips on maintaining healthy teeth

How to remove tartar is much hunted by the community. Tooth reefs are one of the problems with teeth that you can not just take for granted. Perhaps, when the reefs are few, you can still hide them. So what if the tartar continues to accumulate in your teeth? What will happen to your teeth? Yes, the tooth certainly does not look beautiful because the former food that is yellow or even black will embroider your teeth. Not to mention, the longer the tartar can also gnaw the teeth until the tooth is easily porous and damaged. For that, you should listen to information about tips on removing tartar below. Know 8 Easy Tips to Eliminate Coral Reefs

 Diligent Brushing Teeth

How to remove tartar can be done diligently brushing your teeth every day. Routine tooth brushing does have many benefits, both for the mouth or teeth. By diligently brushing your teeth, the remains of food tucked in teeth will be easy to clean. So, the remains of these foods will not accumulate on the teeth. In order for tartar to disappear, you should brush your teeth at least 2 times every day. You can also brush your teeth after you consume the food. How to brush your teeth, you just need to brush your teeth from top to bottom. Do not be loud, the important remnants of food can be lifted from your teeth.

Using Special Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a decisive factor also in cleaning tartar. Choose the right toothpaste to clean tartar like toothpaste containing fluroid or tartar control. Because the content of these substances is very powerful to remove your tartar.


Flossing is one alternative also to remove your tartar. As we know that tartar can also be caused by bacteria present in the teeth and mouth. Therefore by using flossing then the remnants of food in your mouth and bacteria will be thoroughly removed.

 Consuming Apples

How to remove tartar that may not bother you is eating apples. Yes, this apple is a lot of useful for your body. If you usually only know apples just for the diet, now you can use it to clean tartar. This apple fruit has substances that can reduce tartar because vitamin C contained was able to quell tartar. If you want to use apples to remove corals on your teeth, you just need to consume them regularly.

Consume Melon

Melon is one fruit that contains natural fiber. By consuming a melon it will be very good to produce your saliva. So that the whisper of the mouth will remain awake.

Drinking Water

How to remove the tartar is more simple is to consume water. White water does have many benefits for the body. Water can help digestion. Water can also help smooth the body’s metabolism. Of course, water is also able to clean corals that nest on teeth. Way, you just need to consume regular water every day, at least 8 glasses a day. When you want to use it as a tartar cleanser, you just need to gargle with water.

Reduce Consumption of Foods Containing Sugar and Flour

How to remove tartar can you do by reducing the consumption of foods that can cause tartar. Foods that usually quickly trigger dental plaque are foods made from sugar and flour. Both of these foods can indeed trigger Incidence coral on the teeth. Especially if you are very lazy to clean your teeth after consuming these foods, of course plaque will very quickly appear and accumulate on the teeth. Therefore, reduce the consumption of foods containing sugar and flour from now on.

Checking Teeth Every 6 Months Once

Most people usually only visit the dentist when there is a problem with the teeth. Rarely do people come to consult when teeth are healthy. That is why, when dental plaque appears, most people are unaware of its appearance. In fact, doctors have suggested to go checking the teeth every 6 months. It needs to be done so that when the teeth are disturbed, doctors can easily overcome them. Or, when dental plaque begins to emerge, the dentist can easily clean it up.


Tips For Maintaining Heart Health



Small changes in the habits of life that you live basically play a major role in maintaining heart health. What you may not realize is the heart is an organ that never stops working hard for the rest of your life. Therefore, try to always make the heart become healthier. Reducing or quitting smoking, being active in physical activity, and maintaining ideal weight may sound cliche, but it is actually these factors that are necessary to maintain heart health. How to maintain heart health, the following.

Eating fish

Eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids to help prevent heart disease. Fish as a nutritious food source including rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can choose sardines, tuna, or salmon. Eating them twice a week regularly is sufficient for omega-3 fats.

Eat more fiber

Fiber can be obtained from wheat, cereals, and potatoes eaten with the skin. Not to forget also, the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Eating more fiber can help lower your risk of heart disease. Fill the fiber needs at least 30 grams per day. It should be noted also that regular consumption of fiber foods should be done gradually. It is better not to immediately spend a lot of vegetables at once because it can lead to constipation or stomach cramps. It is advisable to balance the combination with other equally important nutrients, especially combined with adequate fluid intake to aid in the digestion process.

Reduce consumption of saturated fat

Saturated fats and trans fats play a major role in the formation of excessive cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol that accumulate potentially clog the heart arteries that endanger blood flow. Therefore, limit the consumption of saturated fats from red meat, processed foods, fried foods, and fat-rich dairy products.

Sufficient sleep time everyday

Adults who have adequate sleep time in addition to quality sleep, have better arterial conditions than people who sleep less. If the condition of the arteries is good, the heart can be helped avoid the disease.

Maintaining blood pressure

Keep your blood pressure not too high. High blood pressure can damage artery walls and cause scarring. If this happens, blood and oxygen will be more difficult to flow from and to the liver so the heart must work harder so that the body organs are not deprived of oxygen. Managing stress, exercising regularly, reducing salt intake, and limiting alcoholic beverages are some of the ways you can take care of your blood pressure.

Avoid diabetes

High blood sugar conditions in the body also has the potential to make you at risk of heart disease. Because, when blood sugar levels are high, this can make damage to the arteries. Therefore, always check your blood sugar levels, especially if you are over 45 years old, are pregnant, and overweight (obese). To avoid diabetes, change your lifestyle to be healthier.

Stopping smoking

This step is the best thing you can do if you want to avoid heart disease. Smoking is one of the main causes of coronary heart disease. If you manage to quit smoking for a year, the risk of heart disease will drop to half the risk of active smokers.

Routine exercise

Being physically active or exercising regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease. You only have to exercise moderate intensity for 150 minutes per week. Means, every day you only need to exercise for 30 minutes, five times per week.

In maintaining heart health, of course you do not need to undergo all these tips simultaneously. Two or three of them are routinely performed has greatly helped reduce the risk of heart disease. So, what are you waiting for, do not delay having a healthy body from now on!


Tips on keeping your feet healthy

In addition to the face, another important part of the body to be treated is the foot. Unfortunately, most people often forget about foot care because they are not seen. As a result, the skin of the foot looks cracked, dry, and peeling. Want to have beautiful feet? Here is an easy way to take care of your foot skin health. Foot care is an important thing that must be done by all individuals to achieve optimal health.

Legs have important contributions in daily activities such as standing and walking. The lower body of the foot mainly has the task to support the weight of the whole body and become the most frequently used part. Here are seven tips for treating and maintaining foot health:

  1. Check and feel your feet regularly. Checking the foot will help in detecting if there is a change or irregularities in the legs such as foot color difference, thickness, temperature, and cracked feet. If there is an extreme change immediately consult a doctor.
  2. Wash your feet daily to make sure your feet stay clean. Do not forget to wash the parts between the fingers. Immediately dry feet after washing. The skin of the wet foot will make it so elastic that it easily becomes chapped.
  3. Cut your toenails regularly.
  4. Be careful, do not cut too short which can result in skin injuries. Especially for women, nail polish should only be used  for a maximum of one week. Use nail polish cleanser to clean nail polish completely. The use of long-term nail polish can cause brittle nails and cause other foot problems.
  5. Choose shoes that fit your foot size. When buying new shoes, prioritize to choose comfortable shoes instead of just styles.
  6. As much as possible, avoid walking or running with barefoot despite being at home.
    Walking barefoot can cause an incident that can disrupt the condition of the foot. Wear sandals even when inside the house.
  7. After long standing, walking, or running, a moment to lift the foot to the wall will be useful for the foot. This method will also launch blood circulation in the vein. Veining can help prevent blood clotting after long standing.
  8. Never neglect the pain of the feet or ankles.

Pain is generally associated with inflammation or other hidden causes. Immediately consult a doctor when there is pain in the legs.



Tips to clean the ears

How to clean your ears properly? Do you know when cleaning with cotton bud at risk of making earwax more pushed into the ear canal? The ears are members of the body whose treatments are often forgotten, whereas at least the outer ears are relatively easy to clean. If the wrong method, cleaning the inner ear will actually result in more dirt pushed into the ear.

Inner earwax is generally a soft lump. This clot is a natural production of oil glands in the ear that actually serves to protect the ears. This clot plays a role trap dust and keep the water does not go into the ear. Ear wax actually will not cause interference if it is at the right level. If too much, ear wax can clog the ear causing pain to hearing loss. How to clean excess ear wax:

Avoid Using Cotton Bud

Incorporating cotton buds, cotton-coated lids, paper clips, or hairpins as a way of cleaning the inner ear actually risk damaging the drains or eardrums. In addition, instead of being excluded, earwax may be at risk of getting settled in the ear canal.
What are some ways that can be done? You might try the following:

Use over-the-counter ear drops at pharmacies or drugstores.

 This drug can soften the clot so easily removed. Can also use baby oil (baby oil), glycerine, or hydrogen peroxide.
Two to three days later, tilt your head and drip warm water into the problematic ear canal, then tilt your head to the other side to remove earwax. Drain water from the ear canal, wipe with a soft towel.

Some people try to take other ways, such as using ear candles or ear wax to remove earwax. This method is not recommended because it is not proven effective and is at risk of causing injury, such as burning and blockage of the ear canal.

The most important thing is the accumulation of earwax can be handled properly. If not, then the risk of complications, such as ear pain, vertigo, infection of the outer ear canal, middle ear infection, and the formation of holes in the eardrum. In addition, see your doctor immediately, especially if you have ear pain, hearing loss, dizziness, severe itching of the ears, or an unpleasant smell from the ear.…

The bad effects of staying up

Most people consider staying up is a trivial thing. The habit of staying up late will be fast and slow to affect the health of our bodies all. Most people have a habit of staying up late, not just a habit but most people are obligations. While the body works continuously when not rested, Then the body needs time to rest so that the burden must be done by the body becomes lighter.

Sleep is one thing that should be recommended so that the body can repair the various damaged cells and can rest temporarily. If the body lack of rest because it often stay up so it will impact less good for health and even dangerous. Some of the health effects of overeating can trigger various illnesses and other health:


One of the health effects of sleep that is less than six hours is a disruption of body metabolism. Can result in a body that will be faster in storing fat that makes people become fat fast.

Heart disease

Not only ordinary health, late night sleeping habits also make a person become more susceptible to heart disease.

Diabetes Disease

Hormones in the body will be disturbed balance due to sleep late at night. If this becomes a habit then in the fear of someone who sleep late at night will be more susceptible to diabetes.


Headaches are usually suffered by people who wake up too late because the night just sleep for a while. This is the impact of sleep deprivation due to stay up. Gradually the brain cells will experience some problems due to the body does not rest enough.

Today’s busy livelihood, often a lot of time spent on work or other activities may be unimportant for example, a person can sleep late from a gadget, a story with a friend, watch television until the time is finally lost late at night. Ada willing to stay up to day after day in pursuit of work time even though there are many effects of staying up bad for the health of the body.

Bad effects stay up even still can happen even if you already ‘pay’ with waking up more the next day. People who stay up staying will develop various diseases as described above. Sleep loss can cause damage to your body in a short time. If this happens continuously, it can lead to health problems and adversely affect the quality of your life.

When you sleep, your body is busy preparing physically and mentally to be ready for use the next day. In children and adolescents, growth-promoting hormones are also released during sleep. These hormones help build muscle mass and repair cells and tissues. The reason why sleep is very enough is very important for the health of the body. Because of lack of sleep, the brain is not able to function properly, thus affecting the cognitive abilities and emotional state.…

The Benefits of Fish For Children’s

Benefits of fish for the health of children. All parents certainly want to have a child who grows and develops healthy, especially for those who have children under five. Have you ever given your child a daily menu of fish meat? If not, you should start from now to routinely give your child fish meat as a daily diet with enough portions and regular.

You need to know, a lot of benefits of fish meat for toddlers, some of which is to accelerate the growth and development of the child’s body and brain, so the child will grow healthy and also smart. This is because, in the fish meat there are various important nutrients that are needed by the body of children and children, one of which is there is a source of animal protein is very high.

Protein content contained in fish meat is very easy and quickly absorbed by the body. Protein content contained in fish meat has a shorter fiber, so the body will be easier to digest and absorb the protein content. Especially for children who are still toddlers, their digestive system is still very weak so it needs the right food and easy to digest like fish meat. The content of animal protein contained in fish meat is also very important in accelerating the growth process of brain cells, so the toddler will grow up healthy and smart.

The important thing that you do not ignore parents, make sure the fish you mask is cooked perfectly to ensure the hygiene of the food before you give it to your child and your family. Not only rich in protein content, fish meat is also rich in fatty acids are very good for children and toddlers. Fatty acids contained in fish meat is better known as Omega 3. Omega-3 fatty acids are able to stimulate growth and brain development in children and toddlers, and can maintain and improve the immune system so that they will be more resistant to disease attacks such as Caused by viruses and bacteria.

It turns out that fish meat not only has a macronutrient, but also rich in micronutrient content is very important and needed by the body of children and toddlers in the process of growing flowers. Some of them are rich in vitamin D is very good to help the process of bone growth, there are also vitamin B complex that can function as a metabolism in the body to produce energy in the body. In addition, the iron content of the substance can improve the working of red blood cells, so that all organs in the body of the child, especially the brain can be fulfilled both the nutritional and oxygen needs.…


oft drinks are very commonly consumed by the people of Indonesia. Getting it is very easy and almost every store and supermarket provides a variety of soft drinks, offered in cold conditions so that offers a freshness that can not be rejected by most people. And behind the pleasure and freshness it offers, it turns out the product of soda drinks bring adverse effects to health.

Effects of soda for the health of the human body can only be detected if consumed in the long term with a lot of intensity that is not small. So, eating these types of drinks occasionally is not a dangerous thing, of course with a normal portion and not excessive. If you are curious to know about the effects of soft drinks for the health of the human body, you can read our review below:

We certainly already understand the dangers of consuming sugar in large quantities that can trigger diabetes, obesity, and various other health problems. In fact, glucose content is everywhere, even including foods that do not taste as sweet as rice. And the pile of glucose that is imported from these foods will still be worsened by us consume soft drinks. 1 bottle of average soda contains 10 tablespoons of sugar. So it is not surprising that in the countries of fans of soft drinks the level of diabetes and obesity is very high.

Soft Drinks Generally Contains Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is very corrosive to bone, so the consumption of these substances can continuously damage bone tissue which will eventually trigger various problems such as bone fragility, imperfect bone growth, and much more.

Soft Drinks Contain Various Chemical Substances

We never know what is contained in a bottle of soda, but from some kind of known substance, it is open to the fact that these chemicals can damage the liver. Even in some cases it also causes the gradual loss of memory. It is not impossible that later there will be new cases emerging in connection with excessive consumption of soft drinks.

Soft Drinks Contain Dangerous Dyes

When compared with other beverages, carbonated drinks have their own uniqueness that has an interesting color. In addition it was very refreshing especially if added with some ice cubes. But did you know that dyes in soft drinks have a bad effect on kidney health? Therefore, start to avoid soft drinks so that kidney health is maintained.

Causes Dehydration

Many people believe that drinking soft drinks can make a person more fresh and can quench your thirst. In fact soft drinks fact can cause someone who drank it dehydrated. This is because the mineral that should be absorbed by the body instead processed into urine and inevitably the urine must be removed from the body. So someone who drinks soda will feel more thirsty.

Defects and Deaths In the Fetus

The effects of soda for health also have a bad effect on pregnant women, because it can make the baby was born disabled and even death. During pregnancy, pregnant women eat good foods during pregnancy and avoid soda, instant foods and processed foods. Not only pregnant women, nursing mothers should also avoid soft drinks.

Soft Drinks Rich To Fructose Content

Side effects next is able to trigger gout disease. This is because soft drinks contain very high fructose, this is what can trigger gout disease. As we all know someone who is suffering from gout is bad because he will feel the pain in the joints that can interfere with your activities.

Soft Drink Containing High Acid

Acid content in soft drinks is also very dangerous for the health of the body. Excess acid can make the skin easy to wrinkle and can cause premature aging. Therefore if you want to look younger should avoid soft drinks. Because according to experts this beverage contains hazardous ingredients if consumed in excess.