5 Benefits of Soy Milk for Pregnant Women

Milk is a drink that has a high protein intake. Not only high in protein alone, in milk there are also other nutrients such as vitamins and phytonutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body. There are two types of milk that can be consumed by humans, namely milk derived from animal protein and milk derived from vegetable protein.

Milk derived from animal protein, consisting of cow’s milk, goat’s milk and buffalo milk. While milk derived from vegetable protein, namely soy milk and milk almonds. Soy milk is processed into various variants of flavor, such as original, chocolate, strawberry, ginger and others. All of these flavor variants have a good taste.

Not only delicious for consumption, soy milk also has many beneficial benefits for the health of the body, especially for pregnant women. In the soy milk contain nutrients in the form of folic acid, calcium, protein, vegetable fat, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin E so it is very good for the health of pregnant women and fetus. Soy milk can also be used as an alternative choice for those who have an allergy to animal protein.

Here are some benefits of soy milk for the health of pregnant women. Among them are as follows:

  1. Helping the Development of Infant Nerve and Brain

Soy milk has a high content of folic acid. Folic acid content serves to help the development of nerves and brain so that the baby was born with a healthy brain, then gradually folic acid can increase the level of intelligence.

  1. Sufficient Vitamin intake

In the soy contain some vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin E. The content of these vitamins can meet the intake of vitamins needed by pregnant women and the development of the fetus.

  1. Making Fetus Grow Optimally

Soy milk contains protein consisting of lysine, arginine, teronin and glycine. All of these protein contents have the ability to control fetal organs to develop in a healthy, complete and optimal.

  1. Energy sources

During pregnancy, a woman becomes tired during activity, especially during heavy activity. Pregnant is not a reason to laze, because pregnant women should keep exercising and moving so that the delivery process becomes smooth. To make it happen, pregnant women require more energy intake. Energy can be obtained by consuming soy milk.

  1. Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels

Soy milk has vegetable fat that serves to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Pregnant women who have high cholesterol levels will adversely affect the health of the body and the fetus in the womb. Therefore, it is recommended to consume soy milk.…

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Alert, Congenital Hypothyroidism May Affect Baby IQ

Congenital hypothyroidism is a disorder caused by a lack of thyroid hormones from birth. Generally, in addition to children experiencing growth and development disorders both physically and mentally, this condition also affects IQ.

“So it affects, so its mielinisasinya disrupted, so the neural wrappers are disturbed, so everything is slow, including the brain,” said the chairman of the board of the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), dr Aman Bhakti Pulungan, Sp (A) K FAAP.

Dr. Aman added, early detection of the thyroid hormone in children is very important. Therefore, thyroid disorders can have an impact on child growth later. Therefore, parents are expected to be more vigilant against thyroid disorders ranging from recognizing the symptoms and detect early so that thyroid disorders can be overcome more quickly.

Meanwhile, Dr. Imam disclosed the cause of the emergence of congenital hypothyroidism can be due to the absence of thyroid gland, thyroid gland that grows outside, or grow too small. Although, Dr. Imam confirmed the exact cause of the disorder is not known until now.

“Overall, the heart is also slow, so if it’s like moving like a robot, we’re talking like this, its nerves are disturbed, its hearing nerve, it takes time to hear, so it’s totally annoyed, and it’s permanent.”

Furthermore Safe describes 1.7 percent of the 5 million babies born each year screening. This means only 85 thousand newborns who know whether the baby was born healthy or diagnosed congenital hypothyroidism.

“So you can imagine if only 1.7 percent, we will lost generation, the IQ above 80 is only 2 people.Now, the data from outside, even 0 IQ is above 85, if he after 7 months. Which is undiagnosed, “said Dr. Safe.

According to Dr. Safe, at least the first 2 weeks after birth, babies are advised to screen. Because the word doctors with this glasses, screening and therapy itself is fairly simple and affordable.

“The therapy is very simple, the medicine is very cheap, the screening is also very cheap, the screening is not up to 50 thousand if it really run nationally, the therapy is just a simple, simple drug, drinking a small tablet for life,” added Dr. Safe.…

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Wrong Ways Often Done When Helping People Stroke

There is behavior in the community that punctures the needle or squirts a little skin on the person affected by a stroke until it exits its blood. It is said that the goal to smooth the flow of blood clogged due to stroke.

The pierced part of the needle so that the blood out is done at all the fingertips or in the ear. Then there is also the act of tugging at the ear if you see a stroke patient who mouth mencong mouth.

Unfortunately, the action was not there any evidence even tends to hurt the patient. There is no empirical evidence of needle piercing or tugging the ear as first aid for stroke.

“There are so many things in the community that are misguided about the various ways in which an emergency is done, such as a needle piercing, which is not empirically proven to cure the initial phase of a stroke,” said Dr Manfaluthy Hakim, SpS (K) from the department Neurology FKUI.

Dr Luthy said the most appropriate way in handling a stroke is immediately take to the hospital, this is because the success of a stroke is strongly influenced by time. Dr Luthy used to call the golden period for a stroke is 3 hours after the initial attack.

“If rescued within this golden period then it is likely to recover more than the late person helped,”

If you experience or see symptoms like this suddenly experience paralysis on one side of the body, tingling next to the body or unconscious should be taken to the hospital for treatment.

Do not delay anymore or try to help treat yourself, because how quickly the patient was getting the right help then the damage in the brain due to stroke can be minimized.

People sometimes know the term mild stroke if symptoms are not too severe or only a few signs and symptoms that appear. But people should not underestimate this condition.

“There is no mild, moderate or severe stroke, all the same with strokes and handling the same, because if the stroke is light and there is no handling it can be a tough condition,” he said.

For example, the blockage in the brain just a little but if not immediately immediately taken to the hospital then it can be severe, other conditions such as broken blood vessels are widespread can make patients unhelpful.…

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Diagonal Folds in the Ear Associated with Stroke Risk

The risk of a number of diseases can not only be seen from changes in body metabolism. Like a stroke. Recent research revealing the shape of a particular earlobe can indicate the risk of stroke.

Is a team of researchers from Israel who found that diagonal folds in the earlobe could be an indicator of a person’s high risk for stroke.

Researchers based this fact after observing 241 people who had had a stroke. In fact, more than three-quarters of them have such earlobes.

In a study report published in the American Journal of Medicine, it was mentioned that 78 of 88 patients with a total stroke (88 percent) had diagonal folds in their ears.

This also applies to 112 out of 153 patients (73 percent) who had a ‘mini stroke’. As reported by The Sun.

In medical language, the diagonal folds in the ear are referred to as ‘Frank’s sign’. Suspected blockage of blood vessels that increase the risk of stroke also result in low blood supply to the earlobe, so that the ears lose elasticity and then bring the folds.

In previous studies, the folds in the ear are often associated with a higher risk of heart attack. The inventor, a US physician named Sanders T Frank admitted to discovering this crease in young patients with angina heart disorders.

However, this fact can not be attributed to the myth of piercing the ear or fingers with a needle to prevent a stroke.

“Medically and practically, there is no correlation,” said Dr. Priscilla Ryanti Andradi, SpS

This method is believed only to maintain patient awareness. Instead of trying methods that are not appropriate, stroke patients should be immediately taken to the hospital given the success of handling is strongly influenced by the ‘golden time’ or time.…

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Sleep Effects Can Be Less Danger to People Like This

Lack of sleep is not good for health. However, if the lack of sleep also has a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes, the danger can be doubled.

A recent study by Julio Fernandez-Mendoza, sleep psychologist from Sleep Research and Treatment Center, Penn State’s Milton S Hershey Medical Center said sleeping less than 6 hours a day may double the risk of death from heart disease and stroke.

This warning applies to those who already have risk factors for heart disease and diabetes before, or commonly called the metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome itself consists of high blood pressure, high cholesterol (LDL), high blood sugar, obesity and high blood fat or triglyceride levels.

Julio came to this conclusion after observing more than 1300 men and women aged 49 years old who were asked to stay in the laboratory for one night. 39 Percent of participants had at least three risk factors.

17 Years later a follow-up study and 22 percent of participants were reported to have died.

According to Julio, the cause can vary. One of them is from lifestyle aspect. “It could be that those with metabolic syndrome and lack of sleep also tend to be more sedentary (spend time sitting around) and poor diet, thus increasing the risk of the disease,” he explained.

Plus, lack of sleep alone is able to raise the risk of premature death, especially for those who have blood pressure and high blood sugar levels.

“Those with metabolic syndrome and sleep deprivation are more problematic with their anatomic nervous system and metabolism,” continued Julio.

However, Julio asserted, the link between sleep deprivation and the high risk of early death is not causal, meaning it can still be modified although it can not be underestimated.

Relation to the month of fasting, sleeping hours are usually cut to eat Sahur, but Muslims are not advised to go straight to bed as the meal is finished.

Dr Ari Fahrial Syam SpPD-KGEH, MMB, FINASIM, FACP, gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal consultant from FKUI / RSCM explained, this is because stomach acid can return to the esophagus and cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

Nevertheless, work productivity can stay awake despite hours of sleep cut off. Dr Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT recommends that those who fast for naps.

“Because bedtime is already cut off time of dawn, so it is necessary additional sleep, napping can be the solution,” said the man who is familiarly called Dr. Ade.

The duration of a nap in the month of fasting or on an ordinary day is the same, which is still 30 minutes. But for office workers, nap time depends on the work and condition of each office. If it is possible to nap for 30 minutes, according to Dr. Ade this is already very good.…

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Ordinary Happy Pairs Do This 8 Things Before Sleep

Every couple has their own habits before taking off the night and falling asleep. Some like to tell stories about events that have been experienced in a full day or telling stories about children. In addition there is also a conversation about the courtship first. All that is done for communication to run smoothly and the relationship is getting better.

It is important for couples to take time before bed. In addition to adding intimacy, happy couples usually do some things to keep their bonds strong.

Relations experts also review some things that can be done before bed couples as follows:

1. Mutually say “I Love You”

Psychologist Ryan Howes, says this statement will make each other feel loved.

2. Sleep at the same time

The difference in sleep time seems trivial. But according to the relationship therapist, Kurt Smith, the happy couple usually has the same sleep time.

3. Store your phone and other devices

“In my therapy practice, couples need to create rules like no phone after 21:00 pm or no cell phone in bed, so couples can feel more intimate,” says relationship therapist Kari Caroll.

4. Prioritize sound sleep

While this is just a casual suggestion, therapist and Divorce Busting writer, Michele Weiner-Davis says, deep sleep can improve your partner’s mental health. In the end, this can reduce the emotional side of each individual.

5. Be grateful

“Being grateful has been proven to have a tremendous positive effect to improve mood,” Howes said.

6. Not solve the immediate problem

“It may not make sense, but the happy couple just did not finish the argument before going to bed, they can finish it with a cool head when they start to calm down,” Smith said.

7. Set aside time to open up

“The happiest couples regularly discuss anything in their lives and let their spouses vent,” Carrol said.

8. Keep children away from the bedroom

“If intimacy is your goal, let the kids stay in their room, because you and your partner also need privacy and restrictions before going to sleep,” says Weiner-Davis.…

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Health Hazards in Air-conditioned Office Rooms and How to Overcome them

For those of you who work in an air-conditioned office space, cold atmosphere can make you comfortable. Behind the comfort of air conditioning, there was a danger lurking.

There are some health risks associated with the use of room air conditioners and how to overcome them:

1. Eyes and skin become dry faster

The air conditioner helps lower the heat temperature and eliminates the air humidity. On the other hand, air-conditioned office space makes the air completely dry and can wreak havoc on the skin.

If you have dry skin, exposure to cold air from a sustainable air conditioner will cause the skin to itch, peel, and dry

The solution, use lotion or moisturizer throughout the day. For dry eyes, you can use eye drops in salt water. Use it twice a day.

2. Joint pain and muscle cramps

Exposure to air conditioners at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius can cause swelling in the knees, wrists, and elbows.

Cold air conditioning also poses a risk to stiffness in the neck and shoulders. This can happen when you work at the desk for 8 hours a day.

Long-term complications include chronic joint pain, fatigue, migraines, and arthritis (swelling and stiffness in the joints).

To overcome from exposure to air conditioning, often stretch. Try waking up from the desk and walking around the office every two hours.

3. Respiratory system problems

AC acts to filter out dust and harmful particles but is less efficient to filter viruses and bacteria in the air.

In addition, the filter (filter) dirty on the air conditioning can be a place to breed mushrooms, germs, and all types of microbes. Moreover, AC filters are not maintained routinely. As a result, you run the risk of respiratory system problems.

Instead, talk to your office supervisor or building manager to make sure the air conditioner is cleaned regularly. If AC care is not routine, you may consider wearing your own face mask.…

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